TV Series review | Gotham – Fox

Gotham… I’ve watched season 1,2,3,4 in 2017. Now completed watching the season finale. Thanks to my brother Sumit Das for introducing the series to me. A very popular series. Basically set in the era when Bruce Wayne has not yet became the Batman. Story centred around GCPD detective Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie. McKenzie did a fabulous job with not only by his acting, but with his writing and direction skills also, as he written and directed several episodes of the series.For me, the main attraction of the series was Robin Lord Taylor’s acting as Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. Penguin.Nevertheless, something from the show disappointed me. Indeed it was a popular and very entertaining show. And I enjoyed it the most. But some of the plots were very funny at some point. Like – “Nobody dies in Gotham ever.” After watching 3-4 seasons, whoever was dying on the scene, my mind just saying “ohh, no problem, he/she will be alive in the next season.” I mean, returning from the death was very much predictable on the show.Another thing was – there is too much magic on the series, which disappointed me as wel.Otherwise, it is a very entertaining and engaging tv series.And, another good news for DC lovers – there will be another series based on the Gotham city, will be set as a prequel to the upcoming “The Batman” film starring Robert Pattinson. The series has been named “Gotham PD”. Let’s see what brings that series.

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