Web series review | Breathe : Into the Shadows – Amazon Prime

First of all, I haven’t seen the first season yet. But i enjoyed this, as the story don’t follow the prequel.

It’s good to see Abhishek Bachchan’s return. He did a good job. But I am a bit disappointed with the story/script.A killer kidnaps a little girl (another girl was kidnapped before). For nine months there is no trace, no call, no demand for money or blackmailing. I don’t understand the reason behind this. I mean – why keeping someone away from her family for this long period? Especially when the hostage is suffering from a critical medical condition!The killer is blackmailing a reputed doctor to kill someone, and the doctor being so easy on that. When approaching to kill someone, the doctor could have said thet, ‘I’m not a killer. My job is save lives, not take it.’ And most importantly how the killer could have known that the doctor will do as he says? The doctor was a decent man throughout his whole life and the killer knows that. Many things have been included to make the series lengthy, and forcely made those things up look like just co-incidents.Otherwise it was enjoyable. The last episode was 👌… Hope Bachchan Jr’s return show him a good fate.

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