Movie review | Idol Artist – Swarnayu Maitra

Idol Artist is a 2020 short film by Swarnayu Maitra. The film describes us the pain of an idol artist who doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Nripen da, an old idol maker who believes in ‘quality products’. No matter what his financial condition is, he takes a very few jobs in the period of Bengali’s biggest celebration Durga puja. He invests all his time and effort to make each idol pure and perfect. And at the end of the day, what he gets? Only the remuneration for making the idol. Using his creation the club committee get awards. But no award for him.

People often try not to compare between a sculpture artist and an idol maker. Because an idol maker have not graduated from a famous art college, instead he is doing the same thing with the experience of family lineage.

The film shows us another emotional angle of an idol artist. During the idol immersion ceremony we do patry with bands, we dance, we eat sweets. But at that time, what is going on his mind whose creation is being immersed? Why an idol maker never be present in idol immersion ceremony?

Theatre actor Kamal Das did a fantastic job with his character Nripen da. Nilima Saha as the wife of Nripen da did a good job, but at the beginning of the film she did a mistake in dialogue delivery (-“নৃপেন দা বাড়িতে নেই ?” -“না, ও তো ভিতরে আছে।”), which sounds badly at ears (it might be the fault of script or her, the editor should have taken care of that). Supporting actors gave average performances. There was a song in the film “Maa bhesechhe jole”, vocal and music by Subhankar Chowdhury. That was the most marvellous thing in the whole film. A perfect arrangement with the scenario. And hat’s off to the director Swarnayu Maitra for picking up this very truthful story for his project.

A must watch film for every Bengali. It will pinch you on the heart.

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