Movie review | WW84 (Wonder Woman 1984) – Patty Jenkins

WW84 is the sequel of 2017 DCEU film Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins who directed the first one, returns as director and producer.

I am hearing so many negative comments and reviews about the film these days. Believe me, the film is not that bad as they say.

The plot of the film tells us the story about a stone (dream stone) created by gods, which grants us anything we wish for. And just like W. W. Jacobs’s ‘The monkey’s paw’ it takes something valuable in returns from your life. Incidentally, Diana wishes for her dead boyfriend, and her new friend Barbara wishes to become like Diana. Then, the story unfolds in a lazy way. Meanwhile, there comes another character – Max Lord, who stole the dream-stone and wishes to become the stone itself. Everybody gets what they have wished for. Pandora’s box opened. The antagonist started granting everyone’s wish. For the rest of the story you have to watch the film. 😁

The story is not so great, but not that bad too. Yes, it has some plot holes, some visual errors, some logical contradictions. But if you like action films, you can watch this. As a sequel to the previous one it is a pretty good film. The concept Steve Trevor returns from dead, borrowing someone else’s body from our world – I think people mostly disliked this part of the film. Yes, that is a kind of messy (and funny too), but otherwise it is good. One of the great things about the story is – there is no typical villain present in the whole film. Everyone is a hero from their perspective. I personally like this kind of story most. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is superb. Every time I see her, I’m falling for her. There was not much role for Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. He was only there because the story needed a provocateur at some point. His and Diana’s chemistry needed for that. Though he did a good job as a helping hand to Diana. Kristen Wiig did a fantastic job with her character Barbara Minerva a.k.a Cheetah. Pedro Pascal did a good job with his character Max Lord.

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